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Theory Test

The Theory Test for Car Drivers and Motorcyclists was introduced in July 1996. It was designed to improve road safety. Included in the test is driver's attitude, traffic signs and regulations, effects of alcohol, drugs and fatigue on driver's behaviour, the safety and environmental aspects of vehicles and a Hazard Perception Test. The multiple choice element of the theory test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. In the actual test you select your answers by simply touching the screen. You need to touch the box alongside the answer or answers you think are correct. If you change your mind and don't want that answer to be selected, touch it again. You can then choose another answer.

A question and several answer options will appear onscreen and you have to select the correct answer(s) to the question by using the mouse. Some questions may require more than one answer.

There are 50 questions and you have 57 minutes to complete the test. You can navigate between questions and 'flag' questions that you want to come back to later in the test.

The pass mark for the multiple choice part of the theory test is 43 out of 50.

Theory BooksOnce you have completed this part of the test you will have around a 3 minute break, at which time you will then start your Hazard Perception Test. The hazard perception part is delivered on a computer and you respond by clicking a button on the mouse. You will be presented with a series of 14 video clips which feature every-day road scenes. In each clip there will be at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards.

To achieve a high score you will need to respond to the developing hazard during the early part of its development. The maximum you can score on each hazard is five. The pass mark for the hazard perception part of the theory test is 44 out of 75.

You must pass both the Hazard Perception and the Multiple-Choice questions to pass the Theory Test. Once you have passed your Theory Test you must pass your Practical Test within 2 years. If this is not achieved you will have to retake the Theory Test. Contrary to popular belief the Theory Test is not easy and does not just consist of identifying road signs. The only way to pass first time is to thoroughly study the material available.

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